Translation services

  • Translation

    "Translating is writing”

    Marguerite Yourcenar
    Mc Languages expertise allows its clients to successfully reach out internationally. Professional translation is the Core Business. Our Project Manager will answer all your requests and provide you with the best option based on your budget and specific business requirements. Each translation is covered by the duty of confidentiality. A native speaker is assigned the final revision of the translation in order to provide our clients with the most outstanding expertise.

    Our services

    Internet Websites (informatics, sciences, business, economy, communications, environment, culture, etc)
    resume, recommendation letters
    Technical and commercial translations

  • Interpretation

    At fairs, meetings and during business talks, understanding the others and conveying a message are two difficult situations that Mc Languages will solve together with you. Mc Languages will help you establish a professional communication between your partners and you.

    Interpretation services

    Consecutive Interpretation : The interpreter takes notes during speeches and then conveys orally the translated message to his client(s).
    Simultaneous Interpretation : The interpreter translates orally sentence while the speaker is talking. This is the perfect option for business negotiations.

  • revision

    Mc Languages provides its clients with a speedy review and possible correction of their documents written in a foreign language.

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