Business Training

  • one-to-one

    Our one-on-one programs (short intensive courses) are the IDEAL way to quickly and efficiently learn a foreign language. A certified teacher will be exclusively focusing on the one student to achieve excellent and speedy results. Moreover we offer the possibility to personalize each program to one’s own needs and level of knowledge.

  • group classes (4 to 10 students)

    This dynamic work group formula allows students to work at an intense speed and improve from the very beginning on through an interactive relationship with the teacher. At Mc Languages students are totally free to determine the content and length of their classes. The program will be set up based on the their goals and business requirements, and if needed include the required terminology. We will work together in order to build the perfect path to success!

  • e-learning

    A lot of people might find it difficult if not impossible to attend a class on a regular basis. Mc Languages offers this innovative class formula : a private class either online via Skype either over the phone. This comprehensive teaching method targets the required work field and allows the student to have a class and improve wherever his or her location.

    The advantages of e-learning

    These classes are 45 minutes long, available 24/7
    Classes entirely based on the student’s specific requirements
    Take advantage of the unique and flexible schedule, and add “ last minute” classes when needed.
    This structured program puts a special emphasis on conversation skills.  

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